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What can we do for you?

We provide frequency management and regulatory expertise for telecommunication regulatory authorities, companies and equipment manufacturers world wide in the following areas:

  • Development of Telecommunication regulations;
  • Frequency Management issues for all kinds of wireless communication;
  • Frequency management and standards for Short Range Radio Devices (SRD);
  • Regulatory aspects related to SRDs;
  • Regulation and worldwide frequency coordination for satellite communication networks;
  • Regulation and worldwide frequency coordination for mobile communication networks;
  • European standards development for telecommunications equipment;
  • European frequency designation process for telecommunications systems;
  • Implementation of R&TTE Directive, market surveillance and enforcement, staff training;
  • Licensing and authorization regime for telecommunication systems and applications;
  • EU related telecommunication matters, evaluation of EU regulations;
  • Frequency management and regulatory aspects of Maritime communications;
  • International telecommunication regulations within the ITU context;
  • ITU radio regulatory process, World Radiocommunication Conferences;
  • Monitoring systems and services;
  • Assistance on dispute resolution in telecommunication regulatory matters;
  • Assistance in implementing the EU telecommunication regulations.

Bolt&Yurdal Consulting ApS is a full member of ETSI.