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Fatih Mehmet Yurdal

Worked in the field of telecommunications for the last 25 years...




Personal information


Surname / First name(s)

Yurdal, Fatih Mehmet


Mosetoften 3, Ejby, 2600, Glostrup/DENMARK


+45 29 80 16 52


+45 29 80 16 52


+45 32 12 09 11


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Date of birth






Work experience





From 1 October 2010 to date

Position held

International telecommunications Consultant

Main activities and responsibilities

   -- Development of Telecommunication regulations;

   -- Management of Frequency Spectrum;

   -- Generic Frequency Management issues for all kinds of wireless communications;

   -- Frequency management and standards for Short Range Radio Devices (SRD);

   -- Regulatory aspects related to SRDs;

   -- Consultancy for Monitoring systems and services;

   -- Regulation and frequencies for satellite communication systems;

   -- European standards development for telecommunications equipment;

   -- Implementation of R&TTE Directive, market surveillance and enforcement matters;

   -- Licensing and authorization regime for telecommunication systems and applications;

   -- EU related telecommunication matters, evaluation of EU regulations;

   -- Frequency management and regulatory aspects of Maritime communications;

   -- International telecommunication regulations within the ITU context;

   -- ITU radio regulatory process, World Radiocommunication Conferences;

   -- Assistance on dispute resolution in telecommunication regulatory matters;

   -- Assistance in implementing the EU telecommunication regulations.

Name and address of employer

Bolt & Yurdal Consulting ApS, Naverland 2, 3. sal, 2600, Glostrup/DENMARK

Type of business or sector

International Regulations for all kinds of Telecommunications




From 13 June 2002 to 1 October 2010

Position held

Expert for Frequency Management and Regulatory Affairs

Main activities and responsibilities

-- Establishment of regulations for European Telecommunication market; Management of European Frequency Spectrum, satellite communication systems; Maintenance of Frequency Allocation Database for Europe as a central information database for European Union; Frequency management and standards for Short Range Radio Devices; Europe-wide licencing of Satellite Operators (within the context of European Union); Responsible for relations with Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC) and Telecommunications Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee (TCAM) of the European Commission; Responsible for relations with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

-- Worked for 8 years for the European Communications Office (ECO) which is the permanent Office of European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) in Copenhagen. 48 European countries are members of CEPT. Term ended by the 1st of October 2010 in ECO.

-- Main responsibility throughout 8 years term in ERO/ECO was assisting the Frequency Management working group of the ECC and its project teams including FM38 and the Short Range Devices Maintenance Group (SRD/MG) as the chairman.

-- Chair of the SRD/MG for 6 years, which is responsible for regulatory and frequency issues related to short range devices (SRDs).

-- Participated in a number of ETSI/ERM meetings.

Name and address of employer

European Communications Office (ECO), Nansensgade 19, DK-1366, Copenhagen/DENMARK

Type of business or sector

European Regulations for all kinds of Telecommunications




From 05 April 2000 to 13 June 2002

                                        Positions held

President of the independent Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Turkey; Chairman of the Board of the Authority

Main activities and responsibilities

General Management of the Independent Regulatory Authority

Name and address of employer

Telecommunications Authority (TK); Yeşilırmak Sokak No:16 Demirtepe

06430 Ankara/TURKEY

Type of business or sector

Independent Regulatory Authority for Information and Communication Technologies




From 15 July 1999 to 05 April 2000

Positions held

Director General and Acting CEO of TTAS; Board Member for EURASIASAT Satellite Operator (Joint venture between Turk Telekom AS and Alcatel/FRANCE)

Main activities and responsibilities

Overall management of the incumbent Turkish Telecom operator (Turk Telekom AS-TTAS); Member of the Board of Directors, the decision making body, of the EURASIASAT Satellite Operator

Name and address of employer

Turk Telekom AS, Samsun yolu, Diskapi, Ankara, TURKEY; EURASIASAT, Monaco

Type of business or sector

Fixed line telecommunications operator; Satellite communications operator




From 28 September 1988 to 15 July 1999

Positions held

Senior Frequency Management engineer (2 years); Director of Land Systems Frequency Management Division (3 years); Head of the Standardisation-Regulatory Affairs Department (2 years); Head of International Relations Department (2 years); Deputy Director General responsible for Regulatory Issues and International Relations (2 years).

Main activities and responsibilities

Preparation of National Frequency Plan of Turkey; Adoption of the first EU compatible secondary legislation on “standards, type approval, licensing, free circulation and market surveillance of radiocommunication equipment; Setting up of the National Spectrum Monitoring System (as the chairman of the tender committee); Setting up of a modern test laboratory within TGM; Establishment of Regulations for Satellite Communication Systems.

Name and address of employer

General Directorate of Radiocommunications (TGM) (Regulatory Authority for Radiocommunications)

Type of business or sector

Establishing and implementing the national regulations for radiocommunications systems




From 15 July 1981 to 28 September 1988

Positions held

Logging Engineer (3.5 years); Chief Engineer of Electronic Maintenance Laboratory (3.5 years)

Main activities and responsibilities

Oil well data recording and computing to be used by geologists for evaluation of petroleum residues

Name and address of employer

Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), Sogutozu, Ankara, TURKEY

Type of business or sector

Petroleum research and production






From 01 June 1979 to 15 July 1981

Occupation or position held

Computing Engineer

Main activities and responsibilities

Computing of statistical data

Name and address of employer

Social Security Agency for Self Employed (BAGKUR), Demirtepe, Ankara, TURKEY

Type of business or sector

Governmental social security organisation for self employed



Education and training





From September 1990 to October 1991

Title of qualification awarded

Satellite Communications Engineer

Principal subjects covered

Principles of Satellite Communications; Construction of communication satellites; Principles of Electronic Communications; Basic principles of Mobile Communications (GSM); International regulations for Satellite Communications

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

University of Surrey, Guildford/UNITED KINGDOM

Level in international classification

Master of Science (MSc) in Satellite Communications Engineering  




From September 1971 to June 1977

Title of qualification awarded

Physics Engineer

Principal subjects covered

Whole spectrum of Physics; Electromagnetic Theory; Microwaves; Nuclear Physics; Electronics; Statistical Physics; Mathematics; English (preparatory class)

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Hacettepe University, Ankara/TURKEY

Level in international classification

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics Engineering





Personal skills and competences





Mother tongue


Other language(s)

English (Expert level in understanding, speaking, writing and reading)


Danish and French (On basic knowledge level)



Social skills and competences

-- For more than 30 years, worked in various environments: Unicultural or multicultural. Involved in plenty of projects, and worked in many teams during various employments.

-- Worked for 8 years for the European Communications Office (ECO) which is the permanent Office of European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) in Copenhagen. 48 European countries are members of CEPT.




Organisational skills and competences

-- Worked in all levels of employment as an engineer. Starting from junior engineer post, served as Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer, Section Director, Head of Department, Deputy Director General, Director General and finally President of the Regulatory Authority. Was responsible for 74 000 people during the term as Director General of Turk Telekom AS. The annual turnover of the Company was 5 billion USD.

-- Chaired a number of working groups and project teams within CEPT and ITU. Currently acts as the chairman of WG 1 of WP 1B of ITU-R (dealing with short range devices) and chairman of WP 1B correspondence group on narrowband wireless home networking (NWHN).

-- Headed the Turkish Delegation at the ITU World Conferences for many years. Hosted, organized and chaired two big ITU World Conferences and was rewarded with silver and gold medals by the ITU. E.g. World Radiocommunication Conference, held in 2000 in Istanbul (WRC-2000), which was attended by 2600 delegates from 150 countries, lasted 4 weeks, costing 7 million dollars.

-- Involved in organising a number of workshops, and took part as either speaker or panellist in many conferences and workshops.

- Involved in the tender process of European Commission on spectrum awards of 2 GHz MSS band.



Technical skills and competences

-- As a Physics Engineer, used and operated a number of tools, equipment, test devices, monitoring systems etc. during various employments. Satellite communications equipment is one of special fields of expertise. Has been using computers for various purposes since 1985.

-- Executed a project on “Online Work Programme Database” for CEPT countries as the Project Manager. 



Computer skills and competences

Have been using computers for many years with good command of Microsoft Office tools. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.



Artistic skills and competences

-- Gardening is number one hobby.

-- Loves listening to music of almost all kinds. Plays some musical instruments such as Turkish folkloric instruments, piano etc. based on voluntary and leisure activities.

-- Has been collecting stamps for more than 45 years.



Other skills and competences

In the past, enjoyed many sports activities such as playing football, table tennis, practicing tae kwon-do. Has obtained 4th degree black belt in Tae kwon-do.



Driving licence

Holds a driving licence of Category B since 1980.



Additional information

-- Married with two sons (24 and 27 years old, both are Electronic Engineers living and working in Denmark)

-- A radio amateur, member of Turkish Radio Amateurs Association

   -- Publications:

    - MSc Thesis: Coordination issues arising from the use of Highly Elliptical Satellite Orbits.

    - Reports: Produced a number of reports as part, or chairman of project teams on

       communication systems, networks and telecom markets. Some of these reports have been

       produced in response to mandates given by the European Commission.